new! Games from Hardcore Game Jam 2018:

The games created at the Hardcore Game Jam 2018


July 27-29


Pri Vodopada Guesthouse in Skandaloto village, Bulgaria.


The accommodation (bed in a double or triple room) and the costs for using the facilities are included in the participation fee (early-bird registration fee is 23 Euro until May 31st).

Every participant should arrange their own transfers but in case you have problems getting there we’ll put you in touch with other jammers departing from your city. Just please note those details in the registration form.

Every participant should arrange their own food but the main idea behind the event is that all the jammers have fun and eat together, so meals for everybody would be prepared during the event. Make sure you let us know if you have any specific nutritional requirements.


The team members would be chosen on a random principle. Each team will be formed by three participants, each one of the following categories – Dev, Art, Game Designer. All attendees are considered participants – no place for visitors on Hardcore game jam.


The HCGJ theme is formed by 3 words randomly drawn every 12 hours, and those words would have to be involved in the game in a way (either separately or associatively). There are diversifiers available, at least 3 of them should be present in each game.


  • The jam starts on Day 1 (July 27th) at 12:00 (while everyone is on their way to the location before even the participants are assigned to the actual teams).
    At this moment the first word of the theme will be drawn.
  • Everyone is expected to arrive at the jam location around 14:00 on Day 1 (July 27th) and this is when the teams are randomly drawn.
  • At 00:00 on Day 2 (July 28th) the second word will be drawn.
  • At 12:00 on Day 2 (July 28th) the final, third word will be drawn.
  • The deadline for game submissions is 10:00 on Day 3 (July 29th). The time frame between 10:00 and 14:00 on Day 3 is planned for networking and each participant will have the opportunity to play the other teams’ games.
  • There is a very recommended group walk for all participants in nature for about 2 hours on Day 2 (July 28th). We would be very happy if we all consume food and drinks together all the time.

Technical Requirements:

  • Assets and music – it is obligatory that only assets, personally made by the participants and created during the event are used. Exceptions are made for GPL assets.
  • It is required that only one paid software (per team) is used for the elaboration of the games and the assets.
  • Each team member must create at least one graphical (or music) asset.
  • Each team member must write at least 10 lines of code.
  • Each team decides and prepares the game presentation and provides a repository and uploads there a final build of the game. Considering the location one should not rely too much on the internet availability.

Call to action:

  1. Register and book your place for the event before May 31st, 2018 to get a discount on the participation fee. (Here…) Places are limited – make sure you book your place in advance.
  2. Do not forget to pay your ticket
    (Note: your registration is not valid without the received payment).
  3.  Join our Discord channel…
  4. Count the days until July 27th and prepare for an epic Game Jam!

The location

The very carefully selected location hosting the first edition of the HCGJ is the Pri Vodopada Guesthouse in Skandaloto village, Bulgaria.

Situated at less than 30 km from the Geographic centre of Bulgaria, Skandaloto is a very picturesque village in Apriltsi on the banks of the Vidima River.

The guesthouse offers 20 beds (places are limited, so hurry and register on time) and an awesome big hall for more than 35 people, active fireplace and a very functional kitchen where the jammers would be able to cook delicious dishes for themselves and their teams.